What is In4MD?

In4MD is a physicians' exchange network. In4MD provides physicians with a way to easily and efficiently exchange professional goods and services. On In4MD, doctors can search for and advertise employment opportunities, office space, and supplies and equipment free of charge.


How does In4MD help physicians?

Medical doctors encompass an exclusive community with unique professional needs. Finding equipment, a partner, or office space can be a harrowing and time-consuming undertaking. In4MD makes it easy for physicians to find or advertise these things in a physicians only community. Searching and advertising on In4MD is simple, effective, and


while conventional ways of advertising are costly and give your ad less targeted exposure.


How does In4MD protect my privacy?

Actual names and email addresses are never shown on In4MD and we will never sell or give away your name or email address for any reason. Only when you respond to an ad will your e-mail address be provided to the doctor that posted the ad.


How will I be contacted by physicians who are interested in my ad?

When another physician is interested in an ad you've posted, he or she can contact you by clicking the envelope icon next to your ad and sending you an email. This doctor won't be able to see your email address until you've replied. You also have the option to provide a contact phone number with your ad.

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